About Me

About Me

A man of few words deserves a subtle introduction. Rahul Chakraborty is one such artistic personality who harbours an unrivalled interest in world of watercolours. Courage, passion, talent – Rahul has it all. From co-owning an art company, Jumbish Creations Pvt. Ltd to establishing his own art house, RahulOnkon, he leaves no stone upturned in his humble endeavours.

Rahul’s artistic traits were considerably influenced by FabrianoInAcquarello, Italy, of which he has been an active participant, thus representing India globally. This platform is as ingenious and resourceful as it gets, moulding not just the art inside a person, but the person himself.

Apart from his paintbrushes and canvases, Rahul cherishes a unique zeal for ethnic food, diverse culture and travel. These leisure pursuits shape his spirit and temperament distinctively.

Going by the above said, Rahul is certainly a man who fits the bill – “Simplicity is what transforms a creative person into a true artist.”


"Dreams have the power to mould a person into something unimaginable!"

 – Rahul Chakraborty

Accolades & Recognitions:

Rahul Onkon Chakraborty @copyrights rahulonkon.com

August, 2022
My work “Still Guns hasn’t silenced” showcased in the charity art project “Paint the flame of hearts” held at the Potocki Palace in Ukraine. The largest charity art event in Ukrainian history, Ukraine

July, 2022
Took part in the prestigious residential program, “Residenza d’Artista” in Fabriano, Italy for six days

July 2022
Visited Venice Biennale with a group of curators from (Istituto Europeo di Design) IED, Florence

June 2022
Solo exhibition “3 NATIONS FOR ART” in Gdansk, Poland curated by Veronica Gomez Puig, Mexico

June, 2022
Took part as a guest artist for IV edition of the Montemor-o-Novo International Watercolor Meeting, a partnership between the Municipality of Montemor-o-Novo and the Aguarela Association of Portugal

October 2020
One day workshop in San Miguel de Allende

September, 2020
My work “Varanasi – 1 & 2 “got selected at the 6th International Watercolor Biennial Belgrade, Serbia 2020.

August 2020
2 days Watercolor workshop on Cityscape in Juriquilla, Mexico.

August 2020
Appeared as a Guest speaker to talk about Leadership in exordium session of Institute of Management & Information Science, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

July 2020
Participated in Wide Canvas,India as a Guest artist for a demo. 50 Artists participated from all across the globe in a 30 days long online event.

June 2020
During pandemic, support as a leader and your tech support ….. the Zoom meeting with all the Leaders In Fabriano Inacquarello, Italy

May 2020
My painting “The Lane of Fabriano” was exhibited at the International Watercolor Exhibition, held by China – the International Union of Watercolorists with many great artists around the world.

April 2020
My work “From the page of History” participated in Fabriano Inacquarello, Italy.

March 2020
Oneday workshop in Bangalore, India
One day workshop in Mexico City, Mexico

March 2020
Conduct multiple Watercolor Workshops in Mexico, during my ten months stay for the Art project, “Una Confluencia – 2”

November 2019
My painting “Varanasi – Older than History” has been selected for an Online Contest in Malaysia, organised by IWS, Malaysia.

August 2019
Participated group exhibition in IWS Bulgaria

July 2019
Six days workshops in Potsdam & Hördt, Germany

June 2019
My work “Down Memory Ghat” exhibited in 3rd International Watercolor Festival in Tiblisi, Georgia

May 2019
Two days workshop in Padova InAcquarello, Italy

May 2019
10 Art trip to Israel for Workshop & Solo exhibition organised by Tiltan School of Design and Visual Communications, Haifa.

May 2019
My work “Shadow of Rain” selected in Best Collection of Aburawash Prize, Egypt

April 2019
My work got selected at Fabriano InAcquarello, Italy

April 2019
Two days workshop in Lecco, Italy

March 2019
Solo exhibition in Pune, India

February 2019
Solo exhibition In Queretaro Mexico
My Painting “Digging our own Grave” has been featured on the page 13th February, 2019 in International Watercolor Diary 2019 , Hungary.

December 2018
My work “Steam Safari” got selected in 3rd international watercolor biennale, IWS Pakistan

November 2018
Two of my paintings “Metamorphosis” & “Shadow of Rain” exhibited in Salerno Art Festival. 1st time, any artist from India as a Guest Artist to showcase Artwork in Salerno Art Festival

September 2018
My work “”Still not Abandoned ” got selected for the 1st Malaysia International Watercolor Biennale 2018.

October 2018
My work “Purple Ghat” got recognition in 2nd International Watercolor Aburawash Prize 2018, Egypt

October 2018
Six days workshop in Queretaro, Mexico

August 2018
My work ” Development or Digging our own grave ” has been selected for the 1st International watercolor festival of Czech Republic.

May 2018
My painting “Are you Seeing the same, what I am” exhibited in Urbino InAcquarello in Urbino, Italy.

April 2018
My work got selected at Fabriano InAcquarello, Italy

March 2018
My work “Run for Existence” got selected for ” 1st IWS Binnale, Bangladesh

February 2018
My work “Pearls of Peace” selected for Season-ll ,2nd International watercolor Binnale, Pakistan”

December 2017
My work “Drenched Pathway” selected for 2nd International Watercolor Society India Biennale

November 2017
My work ” Immersion of Goddess” selected for IWS UAE.

October 2017
My work got selected in International Watercolor Exhibition “The World of Watercolor” 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia

September 2017
My work got selected at Heritage@rt journey organised International Watercolour Society-Indonesia

August 2017
Solo Exhibition in Pune, India

July 2017
Participated as a guest artist in IWS, Kosovo

April 2017
Got Gold medal & Certificate of excellence at Art Alchemy, Indore, India.

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