“Forgoing sanity and embracing the world of imaginative lunacy is the actual essence of art”
“Being a Watercolour artist offers me an electrifying thrill. It provokes creativity in me like nothing ever has. Art is all about creating an impact for an ingenious cause. Marking my presence at an international level helped me mark my contributive stance to art, Watercolor painting, to be precise.”


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Fate brought me to Italy with my best friend, Margarita Enriquez, Fabriano bound, to attend
the IX World Watercolor Festival in 2018.On the streets, among many spectacular artists,
there was ONE smile and talent calling out for our attention ! After an exchange of thoughts,
a "see you again sometime" were the farewell words ...

A phone call and a planned trip to Mexico later, we came to know: Rahul Chakraborty
had become a VERY SPECIAL WATERCOLORIST from India who won our hearts with his talent and
personality during his trip to MEXICO! Demos and Workshops had taken place in a very productive schedule,
both in Mexico City and Querétaro.

An exhibition had taken place at an Art Gallery - Angie Campoy Inclán in Querétaro,
March 2019 and Rahul's works continued to be on display.
Success awaits you, my friend ! Fruitful efforts are coming along a long way !
You are welcome to us Rahul, again and again !

MaríaEstela Escárcega de Reitmayr &
Gregor Reitmayr